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1 .  AL
The DCH Health Care Authority
Health Care Facilities Revenue Bonds, Series 2015
RoadShow 06/29/2015
2 .  NC
North Carolina Municipal Power Agency Number 1
Catawba Electric Revenue Bonds, Refunding Series 2015A, Refunding Series 2015B, Series 2015C, Refunding Series 2015D (Federally Taxable) and Refunding Series 2015E (Forward Delivery Bonds)
RoadShow 06/29/2015
3 .  NC
The Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina
East Carolina University, General Revenue Bonds, Series 2015A and Taxable General Revenue Bonds, Series 2015B
RoadShow 06/29/2015
4 .  TX
La Vernia Higher Education Finance Corporation
Education Revenue Bonds (Meridian World School), Series 2015A and Taxable Education Revenue Bonds (Meridian World School), Series 2015B
RoadShow 06/29/2015
5 .  MA
Massachusetts Port Authority
Revenue Bonds, Series 2015-A (Non-AMT) and Series 2015-B (AMT)
RoadShow 06/29/2015
6 .  MI
County of Wayne
State of Michigan • General Obligation Limited Tax Notes, Series 2015 (Federally Taxable Obligations)
RoadShow 06/29/2015
7 .  PA
Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority
Revenue Bonds (Pennvest/Commonwealth Funded Loan Pool Program) Series 2015A
RoadShow 06/29/2015
8 .  CT
City of Hartford, Connecticut
General Obligation Refunding Bonds, 2015 Series A and Taxable General Obligation Refunding Bonds, 2015 Series B
RoadShow 06/29/2015
9 .  RI
Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation
Higher Education Facility Revenue Bonds Providence College Issue, Series 2015
RoadShow 06/29/2015
10 . 
Ohio Water Development Authority and Ohio Air Quality Development Authority, State of Ohio and Beaver County Industrial Development Authority
Pollution Control Revenue Refunding Bonds (Firstenergy Nuclear Generation Corp. Project), Series 2005-B, Series 2010-A, Series 2005-B, Series 2010-A, Series 2010-B and Series 2005-A (Non-AMT)
RoadShow 06/29/2015
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